Aubrey R. Hays

I was raised in Alaska, the Pacific Northwest and a Navajo reservation in rural Arizona — a varied array of settings that have contributed to my aptitude for solo treks and a remote creative process. Through photographic documentation I examine the ways in which the figure relates to the natural world around it. In negotiating my own surroundings, a process of performance and endurance is defined.

This work came from a month-long residency in Siglufjördur, Iceland. By grappling with the uncomfortable, the disquiet, the cold and unknown, I lay gesture to an overwhelming need to overcome isolation within these rural spaces as well as within myself. This riff in a seemingly picturesque space is informed by a personal coalition of nature and its aptitude for interference.

Aubrey R. Hays, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Rachel Wolfe


A study in the interest of using outward scenes to turn inward. Liminal refers to the threshold of a physiological or psychological response. Metanoia originates as a Greek word to describe a change of mind, more specifically to a profound, spiritual transformation. These works are a visual interpretation of the threshold of a transformation — the wild, untamed ether space within all things living especially in relation to nature and my own human nature.

The images are an attempt to visualize this internal place I find in myself and reflected in all living beings. Joining together in this threshold are great potentials for new ideologies of society, art and life.

— Rachel Wolfe, Johnsburg, Illinois