Lefteris Paraskevaidis


Impending Growth refers to the landscape that has been formed in anticipation of growth during the economic crisis in Greece up till now. It is a crisis that is being treated as something that has passed — like a wound that has healed — but the results of this return to normality are yet to be seen. And no one knows if and when this will happen at all.

As in the myth of Sisyphus every time he approaches the top something happens and the rock falls at the beginning of the mountain — inaugurating a new Calvary. People look like they have adapted to this infinite struggle — like living in a loop. One test succeeds another, and every now and then a new sacrifice is required to enable the coveted goal to be attained. People are on pause. Plots and houses that have been transformed into urban landscapes of abandonment.

— Lefteris Paraskevaidis, Athens, Greece