Exhibit: Janelle Lynch

© Janelle Lynch


From January through December 2013 American photographic artist Janelle Lynch was the first artist-in-residence at the Burchfield Penney Art Center in Buffalo, New York. Lynch, who was born and raised in Western New York, made eight week-long visits from her current home in New York City to Buffalo to further her own work inspired by Charles Burchfield.

Sixteen works she made during her residency will be shown in an exhibition, titled Presence, at the Center from June 13 through November 30, 2014.

Lynch was first drawn to Burchfield’s work in 2006 due to a shared capacity to imagine human-like characteristics in nature; hence, she anthropomorphizes her subjects. Lynch, like Burchfield, was inspired by Henry David Thoreau’s nature writings and transcendental philosophy, which suggests that the natural world is formed and informed by spirits, and that its elements are symbols of a great spirituality.

Presence emerged from Lynch’s exploration of two landscapes: across the street from Burchfield’s former home in Gardenville, New York, now a nature preserve, and at her studio in the Catskill Mountains.

Presence 1 TJ


Massimo Cristaldi

© Massimo Cristaldi


In 2013 about 42,000 migrants ventured out the sea to reach Italy and Europe, mostly through Sicily and its islands. Many thousands of people have done the same route in previous years.

In Touch Ground I photographed beaches, harbors, cliffs: places where, in recent years, migrants went ashore (or just attempted to arrive) from North Africa. It’s an exploration project on a firm ground, a coveted place, object of hopes, tragedies, happiness, disillusion, and sometimes death. Places that at night appeared full of meanings and in which I perceived absences that have influenced me, as indeed as a whole a migration of epic proportions has done. It is then, once again, a work on the borders, in this case between sea, land and men. Seascapes, and yet “places of the present,” places of contemporary history, theaters of tragic events for some, simply “sea” for all of us.

— Massimo Cristaldi, Catania, Italy

Fanusa (3)


Panayiotis Lamprou

© Panayiotis Lamprou


No words can describe what I see.

There is always a reason to go and find an image. It seems an appointment with myself.

The result has a quality that remains inner and elegant to see. 

This is enough for an eye to breathe. 

No words can describe what I see. But I feel.

— Panayiotis Lamprou, Athens, Greece

christina_3 002

christina_3 002

Giacomo Streliotto

© Giacomo Streliotto


Via della Stazione, Urbino, Italy. A road that leads to the old railway station which now is a restaurant. Along this street many workers and students park their cars to reach the historical center by bus. Via della Stazione is in fact “outside” of the city. I used to walk along this street for the pleasure of doing so, especially on weekends. I decided to carry my camera every time I went for a walk in Via della Stazione, and to “note” what I saw. The images I present are the visual notes of these walkings.

— Giacomo Streliotto, Padua, Italy

© Giacomo Streliotto

© Giacomo Streliotto3

Ivan Petrovic

© Ivan Petrovic


Fieldwork is an ongoing project representing people working on the fields producing food, considering landscape as ambient of sight with its singular changing that comes from the relationship between human beings and nature, combining ideas about meanings of landscape as romantic and political.

— Ivan Petrovic, Belgrade, Serbia

© Ivan Petrovic

© Ivan Petrovic3