Stanley Bloom

© Stanley Bloom

Techniques can change over time, but there is a thing which varies hardly with years: it is the topic of an artist, who finally reflects our personality, what is really in us.

To me, photography is a solitary act: it is necessary to be involved in the place, to be forgotten, and to become soaked with it perfectly. My images are generally melancholic, and oneiric, but without artifice. There is in my subjects a share of mystery which I can’t even reveal to myself. I try to provoke a feeling, a mood.

My calm temperament is translated in my rather harmonious, more uncluttered compositions, and quietness. Silence reigns on these places, as if they had been deserted, but human is never far away and some proofs come to testify of his activity. I like this contrast, questioning me on the humankind’s place in a pre-established nature.

— Stanley Bloom, Paris, France

© Stanley Bloom