Giacomo Streliotto

“Observe the street, from time to time,

with some concern for system perhaps.

Apply yourself. Take your time.

Note down the place: the terrace of café near the junction

of Rue de Bac and the Boulevard Saint Germain

the time: seven o’ clock in the evening

the date: 15 May 1973

the weather: set fair

Note down what you can see. Anything worthy of note going on.

Do you know how to see what’s worthy of note?

Is there anything that strikes you?

Nothing strikes you. You don’t know how to see”

— quote from Georges Perec, Species of Spaces and Other Pieces

— Giacomo Streliotto, Padua, Italy

Giacomo Streliotto

© Giacomo Streliotto

Via della Stazione, Urbino, Italy. A road that leads to the old railway station which now is a restaurant. Along this street many workers and students park their cars to reach the historical center by bus. Via della Stazione is in fact “outside” of the city. I used to walk along this street for the pleasure of doing so, especially on weekends. I decided to carry my camera every time I went for a walk in Via della Stazione, and to “note” what I saw. The images I present are the visual notes of these walkings.

— Giacomo Streliotto, Padua, Italy

© Giacomo Streliotto

© Giacomo Streliotto3