Stéphane Dupin

For this landscapes series, called Origins, I wanted to come back to my birth area and explore the notion of identity through different authentic places.

This is a kind of documentary work and a feeling to discover again this deep country with another view. I spent two months, alone, in order to understand this isolated rural area.

Wildness is of course really present, as rough as the local identity. I like to capture empty places, sometimes abandoned. It seems to me relevant to describe an “out of time” environment.

— Stéphane Dupin, Paris, France

Stephane Bednarek

© Stephane Bednarek

I have worked as a train driver for 19 years in France and Belgium, and in that time I have seen the evolution and mutation of the railroad landscape. I used a camera to record this mutation of my work environment. It’s a bit of a “duty” to remember. Many of the original buildings have disappeared and there are no pictures of these, so I try to keep this memory alive with photography. I keep a neutral view without artifice.

— Stephane Bednarek, Poix Du Nord, France

© Stephane Bednarek