Joël Tettamanti

I went to south Greenland to visit my Danish family, to the city of Qaqortoq. The third largest city in Greenland, which is actually not that big, it has about 2,000 inhabitants and only some four to six kilometers of roads. You can’t get out from the city. You are really stuck there. In the winter you can only fly in with helicopter or come by boat. Every week there is a boat coming over from Denmark to supply the city with food.

Greenland has features similar to Switzerland: it is an isolated place, surrounded by mountains, snow, but then again it is a very different place. There are other mountains, other ways of using the mountains. Mountains are a problem to them. They almost fight the nature and climate. Houses need to be of very elementary architecture, few windows, good protection against the cold. Greenland is nearly an impossible place to live. In the winter it is incredibly cold and summer might be even worse with all the mosquitoes. I was impressed by the obsession of people staying in a place that is so clearly not made for humans.

— Joël Tettamanti, Lausanne, Switzerland