Matt Rahner

My photographs engage a space in time which is not day or night, yet not in the traditional sense of dawn or twilight. Rather, I work with the illumination of a perpetual, artificial gloaming. Making use of available light pollution I make exposures which capture a romanticized view of liminal space: in-between spaces which are characterized by their dislocation from suburban utility.

Although my subjects are ubiquitous and familiar they exist outside our periphery as travelers. Yet when lit with artificial light they are transformed and achieve an illusory, seductive quality. This seduction becomes problematic when one realizes that their appeal lies in the man-made byproducts of light pollution and commercialization. When my photographs are successful there exists a tension between what is beautiful and at the same time intrusive; this dichotomy is what motivates my work.

— Matt Rahner, Columbia, Missouri, USA