Jordi Huisman

© Jordi Huisman

From the backs of residential buildings in old cities, one can see how people influence their surroundings. If a building block is designed at once, everything is mostly neatly aligned. In older cities a much more fragmented, spontaneous kind of architecture formed. This is in contrast with the facades on the fronts of buildings, which are clearly designed for appearance. 

The Rear Window series focuses on the backs of buildings in European capitals. It shows how someone for example decided to put a large satellite dish on his balcony, where the next door neighbor uses the balcony as a storage space. A small tree once planted in the court yard grew to be a massive obstacle. The series also has a voyeuristic aspect: through detailed exposures small details in the house of the residents become visible. Details that aren’t meant to be visible.

By photographing the views in different capitals, national differences and global chaos are captured.

— Jordi Huisman, Amsterdam, Netherlands

© Jordi Huisman