Vince Baworouski

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Many people take water for granted when they turn on the faucet and they drink water without thinking about its value.  We need it.  Each American, on average, consumes 100 gallons of water each day, whereas in other countries a person consumes as little as 1 gallon a day.  When viewers examine my images in this series, I want them to consider from where our water comes, how many states rely on the Colorado River, and what will we do without water. Sustainability is an issue I care about personally, and I hope that viewers will be moved by the images to examine their personal relationship with water.  

This current project has two main focuses: water production, the production of drinkable water, and water transportation, the delivery of water to the Coachella Valley via the All American Canal and Great American Canal. I am trying to show a sense of place through this photo series of the Twin Oaks Water Treatment Plant. Twin Oaks Water Treatment Plant processes 100 million gallons of water a day.  While the plant is controlled by computers, highly trained individuals work behind the scene.  Processing the water, employees test for any viruses or bacteria while delivering safe, drinkable water to the San Diego community.  

The second part of this project explores the All American Canal and the Coachella Canal delivering water to the Coachella Valley. I try to visually represent through my photographs how the water is transported throughout the valley.  Efficient water transportation is vital to the California agriculture and the nation’s economical growth.  I love photographing the infrastructure because the network looks like a series of obscure objects out in the desert, but it has a vital role in the water system and our society.

— Vince Baworouski, San Marcos, California, USA

© Vince Baworouski

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