Birte Hennig

© Birte Hennig

The Wurmberg is the highest mountain of Lower Saxony in Germany. For 20 years there have been decreasing numbers of tourists. The strategy to respond to this is to install snowmakers and build new ski slopes. Approximately 6,000 trees have been cleared. On the top of the mountain a big mountain lake, which should supply the snowy cannons with water, has been created.

Climate experts foresee that this snowy arrangement can last for a maximum of 10 years, because of climate change it will become too warm for such an arrangement. To be able to use the snow machines you need a temperature of minus 3 degrees Celsius.

The big opening in December 2013 was cancelled, because it was much too hot.

Last year I went several times to the Wurmberg, to see the great nature and what is going on there.

— Birte Hennig, Braunschweig, Germany

© Birte Hennig

© Birte Hennig3