Luigi Manzione


Out-of-place(s): Histories and Geographies of the Peripheral
(Fuori-luoghi: storie e geografie del periferico)

Places live an existence partly independent from those who live there, cross them, observe them. They are filled with a matter of their own, with a variable degree of consistency/evanescence. A matter that these places release in times and ways not always easy to understand.

We propose here a fragment of survey of contemporary peripheral states. A collage of visions of places like out-of-place: so distant, yet so close in our daily existence. Places to explore without haste. Places to literally put back under our feet to explore them against the indifference and oblivion to which they are destined, even though they are the landscapes we frequent most often and have before our eyes more than others.

We walk through these places to recognize them in their consistency of houses, streets, open spaces, fences, terrains vagues. Abandoned things, but still waiting for something. Repertoires of heterogeneous objects, now devoid of any ambition, which nevertheless deserve something more than a distracted perception. Places that ask to be considered as real presences.

These images show Eboli, a small town in southern Italy, but they could be the portrait of any other suburban place today.

— Luigi Manzione, Eboli, Italy