Federico Aimar


Visions of Collapsing Memories is an exploration of a mountain and its time. I felt it necessary to document not the causes of the depopulation of the mountain but its less obvious consequences in the short term.

Starting from the houses that collapse as metaphors of memories that slowly fade over time, I began to photograph the ruins scattered in the mountain landscape, small ramparts that still resist, as if the effort spent in building them was a glue against the relentless time.

At the same time as I was wandering in the mountains, in an old uninhabited house like the ones I was photographing, negatives on glass sheets dating back to the early 1900s were found, almost as if destiny wanted to bring together the modern and the ancient: and so within my research, a brief dialogue was born with an unknown ancient photographer, in which some photographs were reflected exactly: close in space, far in time.

I have always loved to walk and look for time in things; to allow my state of mind to dialogue with light and space, to give voice to those things that no longer have a voice because no one listens to them.

— Federico Aimar, Castellamonte, Italy

Federico Estol

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Folkestone was one of the most important seaside resorts of England and for many years the centre of all British commerce with Europe, due to the fact that it had the only port where trains could directly reach ships. 

When the Eurotunnel was inaugurated in 1994, there was a direct challenge to the ferries and this was a disadvantage for the city. Tourists started traveling by the tunnel, affecting the local economy.  The terminal was forced to close in 2001 due to the lack of transit. This was the starting point of the crisis in Folkestone: high unemployment and people departing to other places in England.

When you go to Folkestone you find a place of lost remembrances, closed stores, empty bars and deserted streets.  Walking by the misty coast you can see France and old people who have chosen this place to retire.

— Federico Estol, Montevideo, Uruguay

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