Christine Carr

In the song (Nothing But) Flowers, David Byrne sings about the end of the world as he knows it: nature has taken over and there are no more cars, highways or fast-food restaurants. I was working a few blocks from the White House during the attacks on 9/11, and as I walked home I witnessed smoke rising from the Pentagon. Since then, catastrophes such as Katrina, economic collapse, torture, war, the Haiti earthquake, the Japanese tsunami and news of widespread rape have left me in a state of perpetual anxiety.

In this ongoing body of work entitled Nothing But I am photographing to help process traumatic events that are not only constantly unfolding, but also completely out of my control. These images are a way to deal with feelings of distress, outrage, frustration and helplessness generated by human malevolence and by the tragic consequences of natural disasters.

— Christine Carr, Roanoke, Virginia, USA