Michael Winters

© Michael Winters


Deeper into the Presence is a series of photographs made within the Red River Gorge geological area of Kentucky.  The series title and approach to photographing this landscape was inspired by Kentucky author Wendell Berry’s description of the photographic artist in his book The Unforeseen Wilderness.  The book, tag-teamed with photographs by Ralph Eugene Meatyard, focused on the need to protect the Red River Gorge as wilderness in a time when it was under the threat of being dammed and flooded.

Of the photographic artist’s journey, Berry writes, “It is an endless quest, for it is going nowhere in terms of space and time, but only drawing deeper into the presence, and into the mystery, of what is underfoot and overhead and all around.  Its grace is the grace of knowing that our consciousness and the light are always arriving in the world together.”

This series of photographs is my attempt to draw “deeper into the presence” of this intricate place. The grids of images are my attempts to catalog the density and diversity of textures found on these rock walls.  The individual rectangles are captured in camera separately, then arranged digitally and printed as a single image.  

— Michael Winters, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

© Michael Winters