Alon Koppel

MAY 20 Alon Koppel

A quiet, subdued anthropological look into the tension on the surface of the earth, and the constant struggle between nature and humans. The boundaries we lay down, when, where and why and happens to them over time.

The photos observe places and spaces. Between what appears, what’s not there yet and what disappears. I seek a simple description of life with these photos. And even though the moment captured looks like it can be captured again, it will never be the same.

I was always interested in photographing physical and virtual borders – the space between us and our surroundings – and what we do to those locations. The photographs often manifest that by showing subtle ecological issues. Things most other people walk or drive by without care or notice.

— Alon Koppel, Red Hook, New York, USA

© Alon Koppel