Pete Grady

© Pete Grady

There is a seam between the remarkable and the overlooked. That’s where I try to hang out. There are arrangements of forms that stimulate my interest regardless of subject matter. A mountain is a mountain, whether it is made of rock or rubber.  

Built into those forms are texts. The objects often align themselves in a way whereby they talk to each other. Finding that alignment can reveal humor, ambiguity, curiosity, tenderness, foreboding.  

I’m not too keen to find other’s tripod holes. There are only two or three books that I have read twice. I make my stew a little different each time. At the market, I reach for the unfamiliar bottle of wine. But I return again and again to visit with my friends.  

For the most part there are no answers gained from making photographs. They usually freeze another question in mid-air. Never quite getting there is very satisfying.

— Pete Grady, Boise, Idaho

© Pete Grady

© Pete Grady3