Camila Alvarez

APR 24 Camila Alvarez

Photography was born looking in the mirror of figurative painting: the earliest photographers were painters who used the camera obscura to record reality. 

Photography slowly became immersed in the positivist ideal of objectivity. However, in the late 19th century, some photographers who called themselves pictorialists, inspired by romanticism, gave more importance to feelings than technical perfectionism, through some imprecision in the images.

My project, titled Still, was born from this need to paint with light. These are poetic images that ignore their connections with reality.

Usually, I take photographs in placid moments, during the holidays, as if summer could be eternal. In those moments of contemplation, I enjoy loneliness — that’s why the people who appear in my photographs are distant, and their bodies take part into the landscape. On the beach, their humanity is the same essence with nature.

— Camila Alvarez, Buenos Aires, Argentina

© Camila Alvarez

© Camila Alvarez3