Joshua Edwards

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In November and December of 2013, having just returned to the States from a year in Germany, with time on my hands and without a job or anywhere to call home, I walked 1,000 kilometers from my birthplace of Galveston Island to the West Texas town of Marfa, where my wife Lynn and I are building our own home and finally settling down after many years of moving around.

During the walk I took one photograph each hour. The first image is of the building that stands in the place of the hospital where I was born and the last, taken in the morning light the day after I reached town, is of the property on West Galveston Street in Marfa where Lynn and I will live. I’m primarily a poet, and usually, as with this project, I employ photography as a visual notebook.

— Joshua Edwards, Marfa, Texas, USA

© Joshua Edwards

© Joshua Edwards3