Stefan Hagen

One Thousand Steps

I record. I record my movements in nature; I record nature.

The photographic process has the unique ability to collect light. I use this with images exposed over an extended period of time: time determined by the space, by my experience in that space. 

While I often focus on the specifics of a place, exploring the momentous light and the shapes of a locale, the series One Thousand Steps focuses on my movement in a place. 

These images are created by exposing a negative while walking 1000 steps in a straight line, focused on one point, mostly the rising or setting sun, our primary source of light. 

While the locale of these walks is defining the colors and approximate shapes in the image, the image becomes also a direct imprint of my movement, the movement of the camera, over the roughly 400 yards I am walking.

— Stefan Hagen, New York City